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Painted By Kelsey Jane

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With 4 years of experience in the industry, Kelsey has transformed weddings into unforgettable experiences with live fashion illustrations. Witnessing the joy on guests’ faces as she captures their unique style is what truly ignites her passion.

Imagine yourself celebrating your love story amidst the awe-inspiring red cliffs of Zion National Park. As the festivities unfold, you encounter a welcoming duo stationed nearby. A friendly assistant will greet you and your guests with a warm smile and capture a quick snapshot of you in your wedding attire. This ensures a smooth flow, allowing your guests to return to the party without a lengthy wait.

Meanwhile, the artist will transform your snapshot into a bespoke illustration, capturing the essence of your guests’ unique style. Witnessing this live transformation is a magical touch, turning you into a timeless fashion icon, immortalized. It's a “desert chic” cherished keepsake that guarantees a spark of delight and a personalized reminder of this unforgettable celebration.

Simply return to the table at the end of the night, and your completed illustration will be waiting, ready to be whisked away as a treasured memento.

Kelsey also offers large live wedding paintings of the couple in a whimsical watercolor and ink style with the background of your choice as an add on or solo option.
Contact: Kelsey
Phone: 801-856-8727
IG: @paintedbykelseyjane
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