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Oasis, Chalet, Villa, 
& Red Rock Inn 

Zion Red Rock Lodging has three separate nightly rental homes within 2 to 8 minutes of each other.


Zion Red Rock Oasis 

8 Bedroom House 

955 West 250 South Rockville UT, 84763

(2 minutes from Zion Red Rock Villa)


Zion Red Rock Villa

11 Bedroom House, with 3 additional semiprivate sleeping areas 

991 W 230 S, Rockville UT, 84763

(2 minutes from Zion Red Rock Oasis) 


Zion Red Rock Chalet

6 Bedroom House

985 West 75 South Rockville UT, 84763

(8 minutes from Zion Red Rock Villa and Zion Red Rock Oasis)


The following policies apply to each property. You can find a list of exclusive amenities available for each home below.


Check-in time is 5 pm at the Villa and Oasis (sleeps 56 to 58)

Check in time is 4pm at the Chalet (sleeps 22)


Early Check in is not permitted. Any guests, or vendors for setting up of events are not permitted on the property until check in time. If you’re in the area before your designated check in time of 5pm, Please be aware that there is plenty to do.  We often suggest that guests visit the grocery store and do a small shop before arriving. That will give you more time to relax once you've checked in! There are also a few good restaurants for lunch so why not relax and enjoy some of the local food! Café Solei, and Park House are wonderful spots for a nice lunch.  Springdale also has 4 wonderful galleries to explore, and several unique rock shops worth checking out. 


I understand check in is at 5 PM and checkout is at 10 AM on your final morning and that late checkouts and early check ins are not permitted. A late check out fee of $300 will apply to all late check-outs. We need the full time to clean the house for the next guest arriving the same day you are checking out.
We ask that you follow check out list that is available upon arrival.


Our cancellation policy: 

If you booked your stay MORE than 6 months out from your booking date:

Definition Reference

*Booking date - The day you made the reservation

*Stay date- The first day of your check in


If you your *stay date* is more than 6 months out from your *booking date*:

You have 90 days from your *booking date* to get your 25% deposit back. After that 90-day window your deposit is non-refundable but can be used as a credit to stay with us in the future. Once you are within 90 days of your *stay date* no credits are given, and final payment is due exactly 90 days before your *stay date*. 


If you booked your stay LESS THAN 3 months out from your *stay date*:

If your *booking date* is less than 90 days from your *stay date* your deposit is non-refundable 3 days after your *booking date* but you have the opportunity to transfer your reservation to someone else’s name. 


If your *booking date* is less than 6 months out from your *stay date*:

The last day to cancel and get a full refund from your 25% deposit would be 90 days from your *stay date*. Final payment would be due 90 days before your *stay date* and no refunds or credits would be given at that time but you can transfer your reservation to someone else’s name.


EXAMPLE-If your stay date is more than 6 months from your booking date: 

If you’re staying with us on Jan. 1, 2024 and you booked your reservation with us on March 1, 2023 you would have 90 days from March 1, 2022 to cancel your reservation and get a full refund. May 30, 2023 would be your cutoff date to get your refund. After that no refunds or credits are given but your reservation can be transferred to someone else’s name.


EXAMPLE: If your booking date is less than 90 days before your stay date: 

If you are staying with us on Jan. 1, 2024 and you booked your stay with us on Nov. 1, 2023 you would already be within 90 days of your stay. In this scenario you have 3 days from Nov, 1 2023 to get a full refund. After that your deposit is non-refundable but can be transferred to someone else’s name.

If you are already within 90 days within your stay, final payment for your total stay is due and that total amount is non-refundable. No credits are given but can be transferred to someone else’s name.


EXAMPLE: Booking date is less than 6 months before stay date: 

If you booked your stay on February 1, 2024 and you’re not staying with us until June, 1 2024 (4 months after your booking date). Your deposit would be fully refundable up until March 3rd, 2024 (90 days prior to your stay date). After that your deposit is non-refundable, final payment is due and no credits are given. We do allow your reservation to be transferred to someone else’s name.



To secure your reservation, we will charge your credit card a 25% deposit of the full amount. The final balance will be due 90 days prior to check in. An email will be sent 1 week before your 90-day mark as a reminder that we will charge the card on file. Another email will be sent the day before as a reminder. We will automatically charge the card we have on file for the final payment 90 days prior to your stay. The final balance cannot be refunded if you have to cancel for any reason, but your reservation can be transferred to someone else’s name.



Children are allowed on the property. We ask that you keep an eye on them throughout your stay so everyone can stay safe. Water liability form is signed upon check in. 



Sorry, no pets are allowed on property. Please see Doggy Dude Ranch for local

Boarding options if you plan to bring your 4-legged children along with you.  


No Smoking: 

No smoking is permitted on the property, as there are almost no spots on property that would fully respect all guests’ preferences. A $500 cleaning fee will be charged if this policy is not followed. Vaping is also not allowed inside the property.  


No illegal drug use is allowed at any Zion Red Rock properties including, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, etc. Violation of this policy could result in eviction of the property with no refund.


Incidental Damage Reserve: 

We have an $1500 incidental damage reserve that will be charged to your card on file upon check in. If there is no damage or loss to the property upon check out and polices are followed you will receive the full $1500 back on your card within 5 to 7 business days. Damage charges also include ruined or stained towels, linens, or blankets. Should damage happen above and beyond the damage reserve amount, the guest will be notified and the card on file will be charged. It is the guest's responsibility to report damage found upon check-in. 


Moving of pianos, beds, or outdoor play-set is not permitted. No furniture inside is to be moved outside.


Noise Ordinance:

There is a noise ordinance of 10pm. Additional details regarding this policy will be sent after booking. Violation of this policy could result in eviction of the property with no refund.



Road licensed vehicles are permitted on the property. 



Pitched sleeping tents are not permitted on the property. Outdoor event tents are permitted but location, set up, and take down times must be approved prior to their arriving on site. Clear tents are only allowed onsite with dark sky approved lighting.

Dance floors: 

If renting a dance floor, it must be approved prior to set up.



Additional outdoor lighting outside of what the property already has must be approved & must follow the dark night sky city ordinances. 


2-Rockville Code 11.4 General Conditions and Standards

a. Outdoor lighting can be a significant source of sky glow and light trespass. The lowest watage light source necessary to provide safety and function should be utilized, not to exceed sixty (60) watts per outdoor fixture. b. Outdoor lighting shall only be allowed in the following applications:

  1. 1)  To illuminate the entrances of buildings and garages.

  2. 2)  To illuminate pathways and walkways.

  3. 3)  To illuminate parking areas and parking area access lanes.

  4. 4)  To illuminate outdoor gathering areas such as patios, pool and hot tub areas, outdoor dining, and recreation


  5. 5)  Lighting is placed and directed to prevent direct illumination outside the property boundaries.

3-Prohibited Lighting Code 11.9
The following are prohibited:
a. Lighting to illuminate buildings, architectural features and other structures or vegetation.

b. Flashing, blinking, intermittent or other lights that move or create the impression of movement. This does not apply to holiday lighting between November 15th and January 15th.

c. Searchlights, laser source lights, neon or luminous tube lighting or similar high-intensity lighting.

Dark night sky approved string lights can be rented from Zion Red Rock.


Signage on city roads: 

Please refer to our video directions, for you and your guest’s arrival after you book on how to get to our locations. It is against the city policies to put up additional signs on main city roads.



We allow up to 2 RV’s parked on the property, but we do not allow guests to hook up to electricity or water with an RV. Fees could apply for any damages if policy isn't followed. There are nearby RV parks that can accommodate needs for RV's. RV's are not for additional accommodations onsite but are for parking only.

Pool/Hot tub:

Pools and/or hot tubs are available on specific properties for use by the guests. Should there be a need for maintenance during your stay and they will not be available for use, we will attempt to notify you before your stay.


Fireworks & Open Flames: 

No fireworks, 'including sparklers', are permitted at any time. Because of the proximity to the national park any open flame such as candles, tiki torches, ect. are prohibited. A misdemeanor and federal punishments can be enforced if this policy isn't followed. There are propane gas fire pits available for use, but no built fires or candles are allowed on site.


I understand any rose petals, or any flowers used for the ceremony/reception that are being put on the ground must be biodegradable. Silly String, ribbon, glitter or non-biodegradable items are not allowed, a cleaning fee of $200 will be imposed.


I understand if I am having a special event and if I am inviting over the property sleeping capacity that I am required to have a Zion Red Rock approved licensed bar tender.


Cleaning Fee: 

I understand if I don’t follow the checkout list of taking out trash, picking up trash around the grounds, pugng all towels in the designated area, washing all dishes, extra cleaning fees can occur and would be taken out of my incidental damage hold. An extra cleaning fee can occur of up to $850 if the check-out list isn’t followed.
One set of linens per bed & 1 towel and pool towel for each guest comes included in your stay. We do not make beds, change sheets, or provide new towels or linens during your stay. A washer and dryer is available onsite for your needs.
Any additional cleaning services would need to be arranged ahead of time prior to your arrival and will have additional costs.
$75 Charge for pillows taken from the properties.



Zion Red Rock provides a starter pack of 2 rolls of paper towels for use in kitchens, 1 full dispenser of dish soap, 4 rolls of toilet paper per bathroom, and full dispensers of shampoo, conditioner, body wash per bathroom, as well as laundry detergent. There are hair blow dryers available in bathrooms. Any toiletry items used beyond that will need to be provided by you. 


Suspicion of illegal activity or false information that was given as to why you are renting the property can result in an immediate eviction of property without any refund and loss of incidental damage charge. 


For any items left behind there is a minimum processing and handling fee of $25.00 plus the cost of shipping to mail the items back. Please contact us immediately if you find that something has been left behind at the property.


Outdoor maintenance is required for the care of Zion Red Rock properties. Hot tub, pool, yard care, water irrigation, etc. There may be Zion Red Rock employees on property during your stay. If for any reason our staff needs to enter the home, notice of entry of the home will always be given to guest during their stay. If we are unable to reach guests, we do have the right to enter the home in case of an emergency situation etc.

Water Irrigation: 

Saturday night through all day Sunday is irrigation (April -November). Any items that could get damaged from water on the pasture fields at the Oasis need to be removed. We are not responsible for damaged items that are not removed. Fields flood with water between 12am and 6pm Sunday (all day Sunday). Oasis pasture fields cannot be used for events or activities on Sunday. 

Zion Red Rock Onsite Laundry Facility and Office:

I understand that there is a laundry facility/office is onsite at the Villa and the Oasis. Staff will be on-site working, and will do their best to stay out of site.


Personal injury and/or sickness liability is the responsibility of the persons renting the property.


1- Prevention of Noise, Nuisance or Trespass In order to maintain the rural residential feel of the community, the owner of any dwelling licensed as a short-term rental shall be responsible for notifying primary renters and their guests that State laws (Utah 76-9-1) and Rockville code (Chapter 1, Sec@on 1.20) apply, especially but not limited to regulations against: a. Creating noises that by reason of time, nature, intensity, or duration are out of character with noises customarily heard in the surrounding neighborhood. b. Disturbing the peace of the surrounding property residents by engaging in, without limitation, shouting, fighting, playing of loud music, racing of cars or recreational vehicles on the streets, engaging in outdoor recreation activities between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m., or other actvities that affect the quiet enjoyment of surrounding properties. c. Interfering with the privacy of surrounding residences 2-Decibel Ranges are as follows.
10 PM - 7 AM QUIET HOURS: No speakers of any kind playing outside and refrain from loud noises

3- I understand the City of Rockville has requested we only use an approved sound and DJ provider. We agree to use this service. Any other music production or DJ service will result in immediate termination of event and loss of property deposit, and any other city imposed fine.
a. Approved Vendor

Electric Audio
b. The use of any band or personal Bluetooth speaker or any speaker must have approval to prior to use. No PA systems with a mixer or microphone are allowed onsite without the approved vendor running the sound. c. Provided decibel meters will be used and read throughout event by the approved vendor. Decibel levels must stay below aforemen@oned decibel ranges in #2 above.
a. Any live band must be approved & have electric drum speakers where sound can be adjusted. Non-electric drum sets and non-electric instruments (trumpets, trombones, obo, ect) are not permi6ed to be played outside on the property.

No event lighting or sound may continue after 10 pm. Not following sound ordinance policies could result in the loss of your entire incidental damage deposit.


Guest Count: 

I understand special events must all be approved and meet the properties guest capacity for the duration of the event. The are strict policies for max day capacity and overnight guests. 


All guests will be contacted after booking regarding the nature of your stay and details. All special events must be approved. If you are booking the property to hold a special event there may be additional rules, fees, and polices that apply depending on what you are booking the property for.

Only platinum vendors are allowed onsite without prior consent of Zion Red Rock management. Platinum vendors can be found on our vendor website page.

Any violation of the above policies can result in immediate removal of all guests from the property without a refund. 


Policies can change and be updated between the time of booking and the day of check in. Up to date check in policies will need to be signed at the time of check in.


Property Amenities:

Zion Red Rock Oasis 

8 Bedroom House

Swimming pool (open April-September) Pool Temp:70-80 degrees (Upon request, $150 per day fee for the duration of your stay will be applied Oct-April for heating of pool)


Indoor soccer field 

Private theater 

Private lake – Kayaks & life jackets available on site

Private beach/river access

Hot tub  



Fire Pit

Kids playground

Ping pong table


Zion Red Rock Chalet

6 Bedroom House



Hot Tub

Fire pit

Game Room – Shuffleboard, Ping pong, and foosball tables on site


Zion Red Rock Villa

11 Bedroom House

Private Lake– Kayaks & life jackets available on site

2 Large Family Rooms

Swimming pool (open April-September) Pool Temp:70-80 degrees (Upon request, $150 per day fee will be applied Oct-April for heating of pool)

Hot tub




Private beach/river access

Game Room - Shuffleboard, Ping pong, and foosball tables on site

Private Theater

2 Full Size Pickleball and Basketball Court


                                                                                                         Red Rock Inn



Red Rock Inn is Located 

998 Zion Park Blvd. 

Springdale, Ut 84767

8 Individual Cottages 

(2 min from the Zion Park entrance) (10 minutes from Oasis, Chalet, Villa)

Check-in time is 4 pm - 7 pm.  

Whether you are Early or Late into the canyon please text or call us so we may plan our day around your arrival time. Also, if your room is ready early you are welcome to come on in and get settled. 


Arrival after 7pm 

No rush!  You’re driving through one of the most scenic places in Utah, so if you feel called to stop and marvel in the beauty.... go right ahead. Just make sure to stay in touch via Text/Call so we can accommodate your arrival!  If, you are arriving after 7pm your name will be on an envelope at the office with a map of where to find your room.  We will greet you the next morning, or feel free to call us. 


Checkout will be 10 am on your final morning.  Keys can be placed in the mailbox at office.  


Cancellation policy is 3 days prior to check in time at 4pm. 

Sometimes life happens, and we get that…if you need to cancel or change your reservation, please give us a minimum 3-day notice, and we will refund your deposit.  After 3 days you will be charged the deposited amount of your stay unless we are able to sell your room/nights, in which case, a full refund will be issued.  If you booked your reservation through a 3rd party such as Expedia or, their cancellation fee overrides ours. 



To secure your reservation, we will charge your credit card for the first night’s stay. The final balance will be due at check-in.


Room changes:

Sometimes the flexibility of moving 1 reservation in cottages 1-4 and 6 will allow for us to make another two reservations, and for the sake of the Inn, and respecting all of the guest trying to stay with us, we reserve the right to shift cottages 1-4 and 6 which are all directly comparable in size but not decor, all are unique.  Cottages 5, 7 and 8 will not be changed, as they are more unique and specific to each reservation.  If you have a preference for a cottage, please communicate that and we will lock your reservation.  



Our goal is to accommodate our guests in the most comfortable way possible.  If you are trying to book rooms for you and your kids, please contact us directly at the office so we can guide you to the solutions we have available.  



Sorry, no pets allowed in the cottages, and this includes ESA animals. A cleaning fee of 250.00 will be added to your bill if you allow pets in your cottage anytime during your stay.  Please see Doggy Dude Ranch for local boarding options if you plan to bring your 4-legged children along with you.  


Extra Accommodations:  

When circumstances arise, we do have the option to provide a tall twin air mattress for use. However, it is not our preference to care for our guests in this way.  We would prefer a solution where everyone is accommodated with one of our comfortable beds.  


No Smoking: 

Red Rock Inn is a smoke-free property, as there are almost no spots on property that would fully respect all guests’ preferences. This includes cigarettes, vaping, and the smoking of marijuana. The fine will be 500.00. 

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