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Hosting a wedding at our Zion Red Rock Oasis

Escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with a destination wedding that combines the luxury of our mansion, the natural splendor of Zion National Park 10 minutes away, and the warmth of celebrating with your loved ones. At The Oasis, we redefine the destination wedding experience. Unlike typical venues rented for a day with the added hassle of individual accommodations, our unique approach allows you to host your closest friends & family at the estate for a few days. You can enjoy the convenience of having your ceremony and reception onsite  & creating lasting memories in a picturesque setting. Create timeless memories against the backdrop of sweeping views and create a love story that begins in the heart of nature's grandeur.
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Ceremony Locations

Experience the epitome of personalized luxury at Zion Red Rock Oasis, where your dream wedding unfolds across 15 exclusive acres of pure enchantment. Our mansion estate transcends the ordinary, offering you a selection of diverse and breathtaking ceremony locations, each framed by the awe-inspiring beauty of Zion National Park in every direction.

Labyrinth Ceremony

If you are looking for something a little unique and different than a traditional ceremony the labyrinth is a beautiful spot with 360 views of the red rocks all around! All of our properties also have access to our Labyrinth which is why it is a first come first serve for whomever reserves it. The Labyrinth is a sacred place to get married and there's a lot of symbolism behind it. A labyrinth can be seen as a metaphor for the unknown and the adventure that lies ahead in marriage. The labyrinth serves as a profound symbol of life's journey, embodying a singular path with only one entrance and exit. In a labyrinth ceremony, one partner enters independently, followed shortly by the other. The act of traversing the labyrinth signifies the myriad twists and turns each partner may have encountered before finding one another. Yet, amid the complexities, it's the enduring love shared between them that ultimately unites their paths, bringing them together in a harmonious union. In the labyrinth, the center is a symbolic representation of love, where vows and ceremonies unfold. After the ceremony, as you walk out hand in hand, it signifies that, despite the twists and turns inherent in a married couple's journey, the profound roots of love between you both will serve as a steadfast guide, ensuring resilience through any challenges as long as you stand strong together. The overall labyrinth meaning can be shaped by personal beliefs, experiences, and the cultural or religious context of the ceremony.

Reception Locations

At Oasis Luxury Estate, we invite you to choose the reception location that resonates with your vision, ensuring that your celebration with loved ones is surrounded by the beauty and opulence that defines our estate. Designed to accommodate your closest friends and family, our estate offers a tapestry of beautiful settings to ensure your reception is as extraordinary as your love.

Couples Photos

The desert landscape becomes a symbol of timeless romance as you and your partner pose against the backdrop of the vast expanse. Whether walking hand in hand through the sandy terrain or stealing a quiet moment amidst the rocks, each photo encapsulates the intimacy and beauty of your love story.

Wedding Details

We've developed relationships with vendors who we know provide great service based on reviews, word of mouth, respect to our employees & property, as well as guest feedback & referrals. Vendors are compliant with the Zion Red Rock policies and Rockville city ordinances. Our platinum vendor list will provide you with all your event needs. Only our platinum vendors are allowed to render services at Zion Red Rock. 

Oasis Accommodations & Amenities

The Oasis offers accommodations for up to 56, this exclusive estate offers a plethora of amenities that promise to elevate your stay into an experience of a lifetime. At the Oasis, we invite you to create an unforgettable destination wedding experience. With amenities and accommodations that go beyond the ordinary, your stay promises to be an immersive journey of celebration, joy, and indulgence—a celebration that will leave your guests wanting more. 

Booking & Pricing

Peak Season April - October: 4 night minimum if your reservation falls on a Th,F,S,Su
Peak Season April - October: 3 night minimum if you check in on a Monday & check out on a Thursday
Off Season November- March: 3 night minimum anytime

*Pricing varies depending on your wedding date.

For booking your unforgettable wedding call 435-772-3139 ext 2  or email

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