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Indoor Soccer/Indoor Volleyball


Indulge in the ultimate luxury of your home near Zion with a versatile 1,500 sq ft indoor soccer field room. This extraordinary space isn't just limited to soccer – it transforms into a dynamic arena for a myriad of exhilarating indoor sports activities.

Feel the rush of competition as you engage in a spirited game of volleyball, the smooth turf providing an ideal surface for every serve and spike. Switch gears and embrace the excitement of dodgeball, strategically dodging and ducking in this dedicated space designed for dynamic movement and fun.

For those seeking a more imaginative experience, transform the room into a battleground for Nerf wars. Dive behind obstacles, plan tactical maneuvers, and enjoy epic Nerf battles in a setting limited only by your creativity. The possibilities are endless, making this indoor soccer field room a hub for entertainment and recreation.

The high ceilings and expansive dimensions of the room ensure that it accommodates various sports and activities seamlessly. Whether you're perfecting your soccer skills, spiking a volleyball, dodging opponents, or engaging in Nerf warfare, this space is designed to cater to your every sporting whim.


As the perfect fusion of luxury and play, your home near Zion becomes more than just a residence – it's an all-encompassing haven for active lifestyles and endless entertainment possibilities. Experience the thrill of diverse indoor sports within the comfort and exclusivity of your own home.

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