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Zion Red Rock Oasis is right off of Grafton Road on your way to Grafton Ghost Town in Rockville, Utah. It is only 10 minutes away from Zion National Park. 
Directions listed below are for those that have appointments, reservations, or guest approval by a guest who has a reservation at Zion Red Rock during the time frame the guest is staying with us. Any entrance without an appointment or reservations is trespassing and can result in jail time or a fine. 
1. As you enter into Rockville from St. George, Hurricane, La Verkin reset the odometer.
Rockville Main Street.png
2. Drive .7 miles to Bridge rd. It’s very easy to miss and will be on the right hand side.
Bridge Road Turn.png
3. As you get to Bridge rd you will see two signs. One is the bridge road sign and
the other is a sign pointing to Grafton. That’s where you need to make the right
turn. Reset your trip odometer.
Grafton Road.png
4. Continue down Bridge road, and cross the bridge until you’ve gone .3 miles.
Grafton Bridge.png
5. At .3 miles from SR-9 (main St.) across the bridge you will get to this junction
pictured below. Stay to the right and continue on 250 S. (Grafton)
Grafton Fork.png
6. As you make that right hand turn continue straight down that road  and drive another .6 miles until you reach a 90-degree left hand turn.
Grafton Road 250 s.png
7. Pictured Below is the left hand turn. Reset your odometer and drive another
.7 miles to where you see a dirt road heading off to the left. You will arrive
there just after crossing the cattle guards.
Road to Grafton .png
8. Reset your odometer and continue down the paved road for .5 miles until you see a private dirt road (like the photo below) veers off to the right. Turn right down that dirt road.
Private Road.png
9. Continue down that dirt road until you reach the 3 different turn offs pictured below. Here you will turn to the right.
Driveway Entrance.png
10. After turning right you will see a dirt driveway veering off to the left. That is the entrance to the Zion Red Rock Villa and you will want to pass that. DO NOT go into that entrance.
11. As you pass the Zion Red Rock Villa entrance you will continue straight along the picket fence until you see an entrance that looks like this.
Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 12.50.24
12. You have arrived at the entrance of the Zion Red Rock Oasis. 
Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 12.50.30
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