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Family Room

Step into a world of comfort and entertainment with our thoughtfully designed space featuring two expansive family rooms, each offering a unique experience on either side of the kitchen.

On one side, immerse yourself in magical, musical moments with the grandeur of a piano, setting the stage for unforgettable performances. Accompanying this musical centerpiece is a 72'' flat-screen TV, creating a harmonious blend of auditory and visual delights.

Meanwhile, the second family room invites you to indulge in leisure and play. The room is complemented by its own 72'' flat-screen TV, ensuring that entertainment is never in short supply.

This dual-family room setup provides the perfect retreat for families or groups seeking both relaxation and recreation. Whether you prefer the enchanting melodies of the grand piano or the lively ambiance of game nights, our space offers a haven for everyone.

This accommodation is not only ideal for a memorable Zion National Park vacation but also serves as a perfect venue for destination weddings near Zion. The versatility of these family rooms makes them the heart of your stay, offering a blend of elegance and entertainment that caters to a variety of preferences.


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