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Papas Got Jerk

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Welcome to Papa’s Got Jerk, your home for authentic Jamaican cuisine. Established
in 2012 and proudly opened to the public in 2021, we are a family-owned restaurant
dedicated to bringing the vibrant flavors of Jamaica to our community.
Our journey began over a decade ago, driven by a passion for the rich, diverse
culinary traditions of our Jamaican heritage. From the very start, my dad and I
mission was to share the heart and soul of Jamaica through our food. In 2012, we
started small, catering to friends, family, and local events, building a loyal following
that encouraged us to open our own restaurant.
At Papa’s Got Jerk, we pride ourselves on using traditional recipes passed down
through generations. Our menu features a wide array of authentic Jamaican dishes,
from the classic jerk chicken, rich and flavorful oxtail, to our mouth-watering curried
goat and delicious patties. Every dish is prepared with fresh ingredients, bold spices,
and a lot of love.
At our restaurant our cozy, welcoming atmosphere, reflects the warmth and
hospitality that is at the core of our Jamaican culture whether on the food truck or
catering. Whether you're a longtime lover of Jamaican food or trying it for the first
time, we invite you to come and experience the true taste of the island.
Join us at Papa’s Got Jerk, where every meal is a celebration of our family's heritage
and Jamaica's vibrant culinary legacy. We look forward to serving you and making
you feel right at home.
Phone: 435-218-7266
IG: @papasgotjerkstg
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