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Porta-Party Rentals

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Porta Party Rentals is a family-owned gem nestled in the scenic backdrop of Southern Utah. Spearheaded by the dynamic duo of Danielle and Trey, we started our journey with a robust waste management service, providing top-notch luxury restroom trailers that added a touch of elegance to outdoor events. As our love for the wedding industry blossomed, so did our desire to enhance the celebratory experience.

Driven by Danielle's passion for weddings and Trey's dedication to quality service, we expanded our offerings to include enchanting rentals like the Mirror Air Photo Booth, retro audio guestbooks, and a variety of yard games. Each addition is carefully chosen to ensure your event is not just an occasion but a cherished memory.

At Porta Party Rentals, we pride ourselves on honesty, ethics, and the personal connections we build with each customer. Whether it's Waylon restocking supplies or Danielle adding a crafty touch to the decor, our family is committed to making your event unforgettable. As we continue to grow and innovate, our heart remains with the community we serve, ensuring every celebration is a reflection of our dedication to excellence.
Contact: Danielle
Phone: 435-463-4695
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