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Even Alex Boye chooses Zion Red Rock

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

A Corporate retreat with Alex Boye Entertainment at the Zion Red Rock Oasis and insight from Marie Osmond and Alex backstage on plans to impact the world!

The Zion Red Rock Oasis is a special property that brings people together to unite in common goals. We had the pleasure of hosting an Alex Boye’Entertainment corporate retreat that was all about impacting the world and creating awareness to those who have been affected by suicide. Alex Boye’s music of passion, love, and hope rang through the walls of the luxury home and was so impactful to those who attended this private retreat near Zion, topping it off with an inside tour to meet Marie Osmond backstage before she began her infamous Donny & Marie performance at the Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas. Marie has been affected first hand by suicide and opened up about how important it is to spread awareness to those who struggle with suicide or have had loved ones they know who have struggled. They are on a mission to impact the world in a global way and to help stop this epidemic through bringing light and hope to the world through music. Zion Red Rock was honored to have Alex Boye Entertainment, or as Alex says ‘inntertainment’, stay at our property.

A memorable moment with Alex Boye in Zion National Park was hearing him talk about how on a scale of 1 to 10, where do you rank yourself? Most people in the group did not rank themselves as a 10. He went on to say how we are all 10’s and it is important to see your value and worth because that’s what other people see. ‘You are a 10!’ He claimed. ‘Now it is time to stand in front of the Court of the Patriarchs and shout ‘I am the King/Queen of the world!’. It was an incredible experience to watch each person say these powerful words in such a beautiful place. The Alex Boye'Zion experience will not be forgotten. We look forward to supporting him and Marie on their mission to bring awareness to suicide.

Professional Photos Done By: Ashley and Justin Photography

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