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Top 10 places to eat in Zion

Everyone that visits Springdale is always looking for a yummy place to eat during their stay. We came up with a list of our top 10 favs…

1. Oscars. Oscars is one of the most 5 star reviewed cuisines in all of Springdale and Southern Utah. It is a mix of American and southwestern. This is one of the restaurants that is included breakfast after you’ve stayed at our Red Rock Inn. It’s not open year round but when it is you want to make sure to add this on your list.

2. Bit & Spur – this is a popular hub to both locals and visitors. The Bit & Spur offers live music, a full bar, catering, and a restaurant filled with lots of options from Mexican, southwestern and healthy food right in the hub of Zion. If you are looking for a fun atmosphere to socialize and eat some great food this spot won’t disappoint.

3. Spotted Dog Café is another popular one in town with options for vegan, gluten free, and dietary restrictions. It’s an American healthy option during your travels.

4. Porters Smokehouse and Grill- If you are looking for a seafood steakhouse with a yummy homemade cooked meal Porters is a great option and is open YEAR ROUND. Their homemade hot chocolate is a favorite. This is also where you get to eat for breakfast if you are staying at our Red Rock Inn.

5. Zion Pizza Noodle Co- this is a family friendly restaurant filled with lots of options for pizza, pasta, and a salad bar. If you love pizza this place won’t disappoint.

6. Switchback Grille and Trading Company- This is another popular steakhouse in town and is also open year round. They have a large area in the restaurant that is perfect for large groups or parties. It is vegetarian and gluten free options.

7. Sol Foods is a hidden gem in Springdale. It’s a grocery store but if you make your way to the back of the store you’ll find a fresh salad bar with TONS of options. It’s the largest salad bar in town. You’ll also find a fresh deli that serves up grilled Panini’s, sandwiches, and homemade soup. It’s affordable, fresh, and yummy!

8. MeMes café- sits right on Zion Blvd and has great American f

ood with the option of eating outside with the beautiful scenery in the background. It’s family friendly and has some off the charts deserts!

9. Rosita’s Santé Fe Chicken- this newly remodeled restaurant just opened in 2018 and has some amazing Mexican food. It doesn’t have as many reviews because it’s newer but it won’t disappoint. It’s a great spot to get away from the crowds right in Zion, with plenty of parking, and is the first restaurant as you enter Springdale.

10. Zion Brew Pub- this is great place to grab a drink and do some socializing after a long day of hiking. This pub offers yummy American food with a vegetarian and gluten free options.

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