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Covid-19 Cleaning Procedures at the Red Rock Inn

Hello Guests, 


The world has been turned upside down and we are living through an unprecedented event.  Living in Zion is a wonderfully cathartic place to watch the stress of the world melt away as the sun lights up these beautiful sandstone walls. Cleaning rooms and greeting guests from all over the country is a high risk task, and one we are not taking lightly during Covid-19.   


We feel it necessary to educate our guests what actions we have chosen to take so we can continue to stay in business. We're thankful for the guests that continue to travel to Zion and choose to come see us.  Our Inn is run by 3 people so we ask that you take your own precautions to minimize risk to us, and to the future guests of our Inn.



We are wearing masks and gloves any time we enter a room or interact with laundry and washing hands frequently. After a guest checks out we start by running a portable air purification system in each cottage for at least 30 minutes. This fills the rooms with ozone to disinfect the air and surfaces exposed to the air. Then we spray all touch points (knobs, switches, levers, buttons, remotes - anything that is frequently touched) with hospital spray surface disinfectant containing Ethyl alcohol. Next we strip the linens and terrycloth while fogging them with hydrogen peroxide before taking them to be laundered. We then continue fogging the room with hydrogen peroxide with extra focus on touch points, pillows and mattresses.


At this point we continue with our regular cleaning process which involves cleaning with vinegar, alcohol, dawn, comet, and OdoBan. Now we replenish amenities, make the bed with fresh linens and vacuum/sweep and mop our way out. 

Check in / out:

We’re doing what we can to keep you and us safe. In that spirit we are doing self check-in. Your name along with instructions and a map are  posted to the office door. We will be around to greet you from a safe distance and as always will do our best to make your trip to Zion memorable. 


Check-out is at 10am, simply drop your key in the key drop next to the office door.

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