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Big Lud's BBQ

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Yori Ludvigson (Big Lud) I am blessed with an amazing wife (Tiffany) & 4 beautiful daughters.
I grew up in Sterling, Utah on a family farm with 2 brothers.When we were just little boys we worked on the farm, saved our money, and turned in old pop bottles to aunt Lily’s store (Thomas Grocery) to get enough money to buy a little chief smoker at IFA. We were excited to smoke anything we can get her hands on. Growing up with the best parents in the world we spent time hunting, fishing & working on the farm. We were hooked on smoking meat and fish. We soon saved up & bought a big chief smoker. We ran that old smoker for years till it finally gave up the ghost.
In 1997 I was coaching football at North Sanpete High School when I helped put my first pig in the ground. It was with Vern Akauola & his family for the football team. I was hooked. Since then I’ve done too many whole hogs to count. In the ground, on a spit or in a smoker.
I was hooked on smoking & barbecue. I Fabricated an old barrel and started rolling smoke again. I smoked & Smoked on that old barrel for years. I bought old smokers at yard sales and continued to hone my craft. That led to feeding thousands of people at charity events, catering, & competitions. Over the years I’ve continued to perfect meats, sauces & rubs in the timeless tradition of barbecue. I have traveled and ate at some of the best barbecue in this country. I am here to tell you that are going to eat some of the best barbecue right here at Big Lud’s BBQ. We have compiled everything that we’ve learned and perfected for 30 plus years & you will taste this every time you sit down with us. Welcome to the Big Lud BBQ family. We’re glad you stopped in. Sit back, relax and enjoy some of the best barbecue this planet has to offer.
Contact: Yori
Phone: (435)-773-7180
IG: @bigludsbbq
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