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Content Creator

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Wedding Content Creators are the newest, most exciting vendors to the wedding industry. They are a wonderful ENHANCEMENT to professional photography and videography. A content creator catches the in-between, behind the scenes moments and can offer live social media posting for family members and friends who can't be present for the day. Your content creator is the person who is capturing hundreds of RAW moments on a high quality mobile device so the guests who are with you CAN stay present for your day.
Content creators have an eye for candid moments, understanding of light, composition and angles, and a knowledge of how to work in synchronization alongside a professional photo & video team.
You can expect seamless communication & planning as we get you in touch with one of our content creators! Contact our Zion Red Rock team member and we can assist in getting you in touch with a Zion Red Rock approved content creator.
Zion Red Rock
435-772-3139 ext 3
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