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Poppy Photo Bus

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We are the Mickelson’s, Colton, Kangie, and our cute baby, Bentlee, and we’d like you to meet our cute Poppy bus! Our favorite family date night is to bring the happiness and love of our Poppy to your special event! Poppy Photo Bus is a modernized remodeled Volkswagen bus that has a photo booth inside of it. The way it works is to first, take a seat, then press start on the screen, and make your memories by posing for 3 different pictures. Lastly, watch your photos print out right there and enjoy! Poppy is the perfect addition to any event for enjoyable, and extra memorable entertainment! Let us bring this Poppy love to your next special event!
Contact: Kangie
Phone: 435-703-4258
IG: @poppyphotobus
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