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Scarlet Oak Studio

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We're a studio dedicated to reliably capturing those moments that matter most for our couples.

YOU: "yeah yeah, isn't that every professional photographer or videographer?"

US: The key there is the "reliable" part – what makes us different is that we don't do anything solo. We specialize in team-based capture.

YOU: "why does that matter?"

US: Because the quality of this art all depends on the circumstances of the day. It's a live event and things don't always go according to plan. A team turns moments missed into moments of a lifetime. Here's how: Assistants hold a reflector to offset ugly shadows from sun (turns throwaway images into something print-worthy which matters when it's your memories) and react to the event so the shooter isn't missing the moment (like adjusting our light mid sparkler send-off to catch the couple's impromptu dip kiss). Apprentices (second shooters) allow for coverage of simultaneous events (like cocktail hour during group shots) and second angles to catch reactions shots (like grandma tearing up during the ceremony).

Our crew is there to ensure your memories get captured at a high quality bar regardless of what happens on the big day. In our 10 years of doing this we've shot over a 1,000 weddings and become the highest rated studio in Utah. Whether as a small crew of 2, 3, or half a dozen, we'd love to be a part of your journey!
Contact: Tanner
Phone: 801-447-5722
IG: @scarletoakstudio
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