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StG 360 Photo Booth

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We are StG 360 Photo Booth. We are a family-owned business based out of Southern Utah and service St. George, Cedar City, and surrounding areas.

My name is Holland Painter. I am a mother of 3 and my husband is a first responder. In 2022 I wanted to start my own business. I wanted to have something that was mine that gave me a sense of ownership and something I could build with my own hands. I wanted to find a business that provided a service for families that was fun, and adventurous and would leave families with lasting memories. We came across a 360 Photo Booth at an event and I immediately knew this was the business for me. My husband and I have put countless hours into designing our business model with the customer in mind. We have invested time and money in creating custom props, investing in only the best quality products, and making sure to always be a bright light at your event.

How does our photo booth work?
Your guests will stand on a 42” platform where our HD camera (iPhone 14 Pro) spins 360 degrees around them creating an awesome slow-motion video in real-time. We incorporate slow motion, video effects, and filters, and we can add music for your guests to enjoy. Guests will be able to share their video moments after making it.

What do we offer?
Our 360 Photo Booth is one of the largest on the market. The base is 42” wide and holds 1-6 adults! We offer two attendants working the booth to provide help and access to your video!

After every video, our software gives you the option to have the video immediately texted or emailed to you. We can also make a QR code so the host or anyone at the party can access all of the videos from one link. At the conclusion of the event, a link will be sent to the host which includes a customized webpage that contains all of the videos we shoot during the event. The webpage will be customized with a color scheme to match your event as well.

We always bring numerous props. If you’re doing a themed party or an event with certain colors we can customize the props to match your theme. We offer two different packages. The Basic Package includes all of the best quality videos for a budget-friendly price. The Premium Package has all of the bells and whistles and allows for a more customizable experience. We pride ourselves on having the most affordable 360 Photo Booth experience in Southern Utah.

Visit our website at for more information on our services and prices.
Contact: Holland
Phone: 435-669-8635
IG: @stg360photobooth
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