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Sushi Squad

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Sushi is popular, fun and mouth-wateringly delicious. It hits ALL the feels. However, the irresponsible sourcing of fish and overfishing has negatively affected our world.
This is why at Sushi Squad, we put a high level of emphasis on sustainability, so we can bring more value to our customers and the environment.
All of our fish at Sushi Squad is sustainably sourced and of superior quality, and we greatly reflect an emphasis on other sustainable products we serve with. We make sure all our global and local suppliers meet our high standards. Each product is carefully considered before it makes an appearance on our menu.
We have taken out all the guesswork. Our selections are not only healthy for your body but healthier for your environment. So you can just relax and enjoy, knowing Sushi Squad has got Mother Earth’s back.
Globally, we all deserve better from our favorite sushi restaurants. We each have a part in the future of our environment, and Sushi Squad is committed.
Contact: Chef Josh
Phone: 801-341-9188
IG: @sushisquad
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