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Tanner Castro Films

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My passion for films has been a lifelong affair, indulging in countless movies, binge-watching TV shows, and reveling in the nostalgia of home videos & saturday morning cartoons. The allure of videos, unlike mere photographs, transports me back in time, allowing me to relive cherished moments with unparalleled clarity. It's a sentiment I seek to kindle in every couple I work with as a filmmaker. Preserving the authenticity and candidness of their most significant moments, I adopt a cinematic and journalistic approach to my craft. Through visuals, music, and audio, I strive to create a genuine keepsake of your special day, capturing not just the events but the emotions, glances, and laughter that define their love story. Immersed in the wedding industry, I continuously challenge myself to elevate the art of storytelling, delivering films that overflow with raw emotions and heartfelt moments.
Contact: Tanner Phone (801)-334-9964 Email: IG: @tannercastrofilms
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