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The Potted Pansy

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The Potted Pansy
INTENTIONAL DESIGN FOR THE NATURALLY IMPERFECT. We embrace the way the outer petals of a rose are worn and weathered. Imperfect and bruised by all standards, and yet, it is those petals that are protecting the inner perfect. The inner petals that are pristine and untouched. It’s those outer petals that we leave on in my studio. They’re symbolic and beautiful and imperfect. And we love them that way. The way a tiny plant pushes through the earth to survive, live, and thrive, despite all of the harsh surroundings that say it should not. It’s not just blooms that create beautiful, captivating arrangements, but the in-between imperfect pieces; the weeds, the twigs, the bits of plants we seek. And it’s so symbolic of life and your day, that we’ll weave it all in for unique perfection.
Weddings are the culminating event of your love, the celebration of your being, the moment of gathering where the memories of connection to self, others, and nature are made.

Wedding florals thoughtfully curated to your personalities, full of lush blooms, textural tidbits, and a hint of earth, create the atmosphere for these memories. These moments of laughter, tears, dancing, pausing. The moments that will change your life and mold your memories. The moments that will be filled with the scents and sounds you will remember forever. It’s this that you will remember. The real. The raw. The feelings. That’s what we are here to do. Create those for you.

You’ll hear the gasps. We promise.
Contact: Mandy
Phone (801)-361-4060
IG: @thepottedpansy
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