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Zion Wedding Officiant

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Your ceremony should feel like a friend is doing it...but a friend who knows what he's doing". - Michael Foley, Zion Wedding Officiant Michael "Mikey" Foley specializes in creating fun, upbeat, meaningful ceremonies that are designed to make sure everyone has a good time, regardless of religious backgrounds or cultural differences. Michael has performed hundreds of ceremonies and no two weddings are the same. That's because Mr. Foley takes the time to get to know you both as a couple and creates a ceremony that fits your unique relationship and tells your personal story. Michael is also the co-host of the MIKEY & THE MRS SHOW which he performs with his wife every morning on local radio station Planet 105.1. Feel free to check out his Google reviews here:
Contact: Michael
Phone: (435) 669-9133
IG: @zion.weddings
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