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How is COVID-19 impacting Zion National Park and is the park still open?

We all know how much COVID-19 has impacted the world. The question is how has it impacted Zion National Park specifically? As of today Zion is still open for scenic drives and a number of local restaurants and convenience stores are open for curbside pick up or delivery. Utah's Governer Herbert has announced a 'Stay Safe, Stay Home' directive to combat the cornavirus across the state which has resulted in Zion National Park temporarily closing certain parts of the park. For example the Visitors Center is closed but they have an online version of the visitors center you can access from your personal device. The 6ft distance policy has been implemented across the state amongst all business that are able to continue to be open as well as many other precautions that are asking all visitors and guests to follow here.

The goal of this is to flatten the curve and reduce the impact that Utah's residence could be facing. We encourage everyone to follow your local instructions and guidelines regarding traveling. We understand this is an unprecedented time for many and hope we can see more visitors fully experiencing Zion when the timing is right.

We feel more than ever, when things have settled down and information has been released about when it is safe to start our normal travels and activities, everyone will be ready to completely explore Zion again. Utah's travel industry has been impacted immensely. You can read more details of the affects that coronavirus has had on Utah's tourism industry as a whole on Salt Lake Tribune's most recent article. A great way to support the travel industry is to continue booking trips further out into the year. Zion Red Rock has wanted to create some hope during uncertain times and for this month we are doing 4 weeks of Vacation Givewaways. You can check out our instagram or facebook page for giveaway details and how easy it is to enter.

For up to date park restrictions and closures regarding COVID-19 please visit the Zion National Park Alerts.

Photo and video by: Trevor Perkins

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