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The ABCs of Planning an Epic Couple’s Adventure

If you and your partner are not an ordinary couple, then planning an ordinary vacation just won’t do. You need to seek out an adventure that is fitting of your bond, but you should know that you can do so even if you are on a budget. Because planning the trip of a lifetime doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune on luxuries, especially when you keep these savvy tips in mind.

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Adventure Can Be Found Just About Anywhere

You could travel halfway across the world to satisfy your sense of adventure, but doing so on a tight budget can be pretty tricky, especially for two people. If you want to seek out some thrills without sinking into debt, think about planning an adventure that’s closer to home. For example, you could rent a car and take a scenic road trip with your love. Rent a convertible and take a tour of the Pacific Coast Highway or rent an SUV to explore the wilderness.

Even if you are traveling halfway around the world, you can still find ways to save. There are many ways to travel abroad on a budget. Start by going online and searching for deals on flights and accommodations.

It’s also a good idea to have a plan for difficult scenarios. Should you have an accident and suffer an injury, medical care can be prohibitively expensive without insurance. You can take precautions by purchasing short-term international travel medical insurance. Companies like Good Neighbor Insurance offer a variety of affordable plans whether you’re traveling through Thailand or hiking in the Andes.

You’ll also want to protect yourself from financial mishaps should you lose your valuables for some reason. Fortunately, there are affordable money transfer services available so friends or family members can send you money in a worst-case scenario. For example, if you’re traveling in Nepal, you can receive money securely within minutes when you use a service like Remitly.

Budget Should Be a Top Travel Planning Concern

You can also trim expenses when it comes to picking up other vacation essentials. Since financial stress can be a top source of strain in romantic relationships, paying extra attention to your budget(s) is important. You can keep this crucial planning step effortless by using a top budgeting app like Mint or Goodbudget. Goodbudget can be especially helpful for couples who want to take on financial planning together, and you can use these budgeting apps to plan for your adventure as well as more routine financial goals.

Communication Needs to Be a Priority While Traveling

Tackling your travel budget together can help you avoid stress and arguments on the road. If you want to keep your adventure full of happy memories, however, you also need to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page every step of the way. Because while taking vacations as a couple can foster growth for your relationship, traveling can also present some serious conflicts and challenges. You can get your couples’ adventure off to a great start by learning to compromise on stops and activities that you each want to do during your travels. For instance, if you simply cannot agree on a single destination, you could always opt for a completely different stop or you could plan to visit both during your journey! If you are planning a road trip, as mentioned above, visiting several desired destinations could be even easier.

Deepened Connections Can Be a Product of Mindful Moments

Finding excitement and adventure may be your primary reasons for planning such an epic trip, but you may also be searching for a deeper connection with your partner. While traveling as a couple and overcoming conflicts can definitely lead to a stronger bond, you also need to commit to staying in the moment as you explore the world together. Cultivating more mindfulness ahead of your travels can help you be more aware of both you and your partner’s emotions, which can help smooth out any travel stress. Plus by being mindful, you will be more likely to enjoy the walk away with lasting memories. Stop and take amazing travel pictures when appropriate but wait to post them, so that you can both stay in the present in each moment.

Taking a trip of a lifetime with your love doesn’t have to drain your life savings. You just need to work together on a smart budget, solid communications, and a commitment to mindfulness, as well as savvy savings, and you will be all set for an epic adventure you will never forget!

Written By: Jesse Clark

Photo Credit: Unsplash

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