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Top 10 Reason to visit Zion National Park during the winter off-season is a great idea

Zion National Park is known for it’s world re-noun hikes, slot canyons, biking trails, and red rocks with breathtaking views in every direction. It’s grown to be one of the most popular National Parks to visit getting over 4 million visitors per year! With summer break and family vacations mostly happening during the summer this becomes a very popular time for visitors. It’s also the hottest time to visit and the most crowded. If you drink lots of water, stay by water, and are ready to dive into a pool a few times a day you will still enjoy your visit. What a lot of people don’t realize is the off-season in Zion (Nov-Feb) is one of the greatest times to visit. Here are a few of our top reasons.

1. Less crowds. If you really like peace and solitude during your vacation the off-season months between November and February is the best time to go. In 2018 Zion got around 200,000-250,000 visitors per month vs. around 350,000-575,000 per month between March and October with July hitting over 575,000 that month. No crowds on epic hikes.

2. Weather. Yes! 50 to 70 degree weather during this time of year. December and January can get a little chillier during the day (35 to 50) but a jacket will keep you warm and when the sun comes out it typically warms things right up.

3. Great Air Quality. Hiking with clear skies and great air quality is always a huge plus. With less traffic, people, and some good rain it creates the perfect recipe for good air.

4. Great Customer Service. The locals are a lot more laid back and accommodating and restaurants not so busy so their time and attention to you as a consumer is a lot greater.

5. Lower rates. Most lodging has it’s off season pricing so you can get better deals and discounts on your stay. You can lengthen your stay with more affordable rates.

6. Stunning Views. Fall leaves and snow tipped red rocks are a beautiful site to see in Zion. If you have a passion for photography you will not be disappointed by the colors and sunset views you get during the fall and winter. The sunrise with the snow capped peaks is stunning. David West and Trevor Perkins are known for their landscape photography in Zion as well as Ashley and Justin Harmon known for their wedding photography in Zion will tell you that their favorite times to take photos is during the off season because of all the color you see.

7. No shuttle Lines. You are allowed to drive in to the park without having to take a shuttle. The scenic drives are always a site to see.

8. Hot tubs stay hot. After a long day of hiking or biking a dip in the hot tub is a great way to relax. With no one constantly getting in and out it stays nice and hot especially at the Red Rock Inn and Red Rock Oasis.

9. A game of polar bear plunge. Dip into freezing water or snow and running to a nice hot tub is always a fun game to play with friends and family during the winter season.

10. Zion National Park stays open all year round. This is made possible by the amazing state of Utah funding who have a passion for showing our National Parks to people from all over the world.

Bridal Photo Credit: Ashley and Justin Photography

Scenic Photo Credit: Trevor Perkins

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