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Tips for Planning Your Couple's Road Trip Adventure

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

A sunset photo taken in Zion during a Utah Roadtrip

Nothing is more fun than taking off on an exciting adventure with your partner in crime. With a reliable vehicle and a tank full of gas, the world is your oyster! Follow these easy tips to guarantee an unforgettable couple’s vacation.

Plan Your General Route

One of the best parts of a fun road trip is the planning stage. Make a list of all the sights you want to see on your way, and map your route, but be flexible. Some of the best adventures are off the beaten path! Have an idea of how far you plan to travel each day, and calculate your expected mileage and gas output so that you can budget enough of your vacation funds for refueling. It is a good idea to double your estimate to ensure that you have sufficient funds for any additional sightseeing.

Check Your Smartphone Service

Once you've laid out your route, double-check your cell phone service to ensure that you will have sufficient coverage on your route, and adjust your phone plan to avoid losing your network or being charged for roaming. GPS can use a lot of data, so consider signing up for one of your provider’s unlimited data cell phone plans to avoid costly overage fees. You will also want to be sure that you have reliable phone service in case of a breakdown or accident.

Useful Navigation Tools

Travel safely by having the passenger use a navigation app or a road atlas. You can surprise each other with fun side trips to unusual destinations, and it keeps the driver's eyes on the road. To ensure that you are able to explore without getting lost, keep your smartphone fully charged and have a charger on hand to use in your car. With your phone readily available, you'll be able to search for gas stations, restaurants, and local sights while staying on track to your final destination. 

Book Your Rooms in Advance

Pre-book at hotels/zionredrock along your route to make sure that you and your partner are comfortable. Reserving your rooms in advance helps you to organize your trip, and will free up your time on the road for more exploration. You save money by booking in advance, as rates are often lower than later bookings. In addition, you will have peace of mind in the knowledge that there is definitely a bed waiting for you at the end of your day. Make sure that your destinations aren’t too far apart so that you will have time to meander along your route and really appreciate the drive. 

Take Time to Relax

It can be easy to become exhausted on a road trip, even though it feels like you are just sitting still. For this reason, it is important to stop frequently to walk around to get some time out of the car. Make plans to stop in the afternoon each day, so you have time to settle down and relax before you hit the road again in the morning. Use a streaming device to stream relaxing music and your favorite shows in the hotel room, so you can chill out together without paying for expensive hotel movies and TV channels.

Try the Local Cuisine

One of the best parts of road tripping is checking out the local flavors. Use apps like LocalEats and Zagat for menus, reviews, and recommendations, so you can be sure to get the full regional experience. Most food apps also include a price scale, so you can be sure to stay within your food budget while enjoying the cuisine. Don't be afraid to try something new and immerse yourself in the local culture!

Enjoy Your Trip!

Remember that the idea of your couple’s vacation is to relax and take time away from the daily grind together. By using the tools and tips above, you are sure to enjoy your road trip adventure with your favorite person!

Written By: Zach Spring

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