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From Flexible Dates to the Right Rental Car: 6 Simple Ways to Save Money on Travel

Everyone needs a break from the stresses of everyday life now and then. Vacations offer an opportunity to get away, explore new places, and bond with your partner or family. However, the costs of going on vacation can add up quickly. Fortunately, with a little planning, you can enjoy a wonderful time without busting your budget. These simple tips can help you save money on travel, no matter where you are headed on your next vacation.

Book Your Car Rental Through Enterprise

Whether you are looking for a vehicle for your road trip, or you need to rent a car at your destination, look to a car rental company like Enterprise. You’ll find vehicles in every size and at affordable rates. Additionally, you’ll often find coupon and promo codes that you can use when booking your car rental. Look here for the latest savings options.

Travel Off-Peak Times

If possible, travel at off-peak times of the year, when accommodations, food, flights, car rentals, and activities are typically cheaper. For many destinations, this translates to avoiding the summer months, spring break, and the Christmas holiday season. However this varies for some hot spots. For example, TravelZoo says that off-peak in New York City means January and February, while off-peak in Las Vegas means July, August, and the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

In addition to off-peak booking, you can take it a step further by booking your flight on the cheapest days of the week. The 5th annual airfare study by found it's cheapest to fly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and most expensive to fly on Sundays and Fridays. Of course, this varies by route, so be sure to track flight prices using Google Flights, Kayak, or another flight search engine.

Drive Instead of Fly

When traveling within the country, it's often cheaper to drive instead of fly. Taking a road trip can also be a whole lot of fun, and you don’t have to worry about strict packing rules that airlines enforce. Roadtrip America is an amazing resource for travel advice and maps to plan your trip. When it comes to loading the car with essentials that will keep you safe and prepared on the road, you can find first aid kits, coolers, sun shades, and other necessary items at affordable prices when you shop at stores like Target.

Stay Away From the Hot Spots

Even if you are visiting a popular tourist attraction, you don’t need to book accommodations in the immediate vicinity, especially when you have a car to get around. Booking lodging away from the hot spots can allow you to find more affordable accommodations and food, as well as provide a little peace and quiet on your vacation.

Pick Somewhere With a Kitchen

When you are on vacation, it can be tempting to eat out every meal. Cut restaurant costs by selecting a place with a kitchen. Extended stay hotels typically have at least a kitchenette, and of course, you can find tons of apartments and homes on Airbnb and Vrbo with kitchen facilities. If you are a little more daring, consider a house swap, which can save you 30 percent on your budget for travel.

Seek Out Free Activities

Cut vacation costs by splurge on one major attraction or activity, and then spending the rest of your days enjoying low-cost and free activities. If you do some research, you are sure to find some fun, free things to do at your destination. Free walking tours are available in most major cities, and free museum days are also usually an option. Going to the beach, taking a hike, and walking the city can also be free and enjoyable. Contact the local visitors bureau or chamber of commerce, and ask about free activities and events in your destination.

Traveling with your partner, friends, family, or even alone can be as adventurous or relaxing as you want it to be. However, you don’t need to go into debt just to go on vacation. With careful research, you can plan an amazing trip and make incredible memories without overspending.

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